Production Facilites

Production Facilites

We continue to add flavor to their tables since 1996.

Asil Dairy Products produces in 15.000 m² and 1.700 m² closed area in Malatya 2nd Organized Industrial Site with the principles of hygiene, quality, and trust and planned working principle. It is manufacturing its products in a hygienic environment by expanding its production range with an experienced technical team with 30 people with a capacity of 50 tons, modern machinery and equipment.

The company realized the principle of capacity increment and offering healthy and safe products with the big investment it made in the years of 2007 and 2008 in the Production Facilities in Malatya

Especially in parallel with the new product studies, investments are being made for both the increment of quality and productivity of production processes and providing the full automatization, and to widely support r&d in order to increase the variety and quality of products.

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