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He who knows the flavor of genuine butter, wouldn’t want to use any other oil. Asilköy Malatya Natural Butter, which succeeded to add flavor to every dish that it is used, will be more suitable for your taste than any butter. Asilköy Malatya Natural Butter produced using completely natural milkfat, will prevail as a taste and naturalness from any other butter in the market and described as equivalent. As Asil Milk Products it continues to add flavor to your tables with the products produced in its modern facilities by using the milk of grass-fed animals,

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Prioritize the customer health with the 100% natural production principle.

Natural Butter

Source of Vitamin

Butter is a great source of vitamins. First of all, thanks to the vitamin A it contains, it provides the proper functioning of many functions in the body.

It Fights with Cancer

High levels of vitamin A and beta-carotene ensure that butter reduces the risk of colorectal and prostate cancer.

Source of Mineral

It is great source of minerals, as well. There is manganese, chromium, zins, copper and selenium as a powerful anti-oxidant in the butter.

Improves intestinal conditions

Among the many components of butter, it also contains glycosphingolipid lipids. This special fatty acid contributes to mucus layers.

It Strengthens the Immune System

Butter can be of great benefit with short and medium chain fatty acids to support the immune system and increase the metabolism rate.

Strengthens the bones

Both vitamins A and D in butter are necessary for body to absorb the calcium for strong bones.
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